Our Beers...

Tivoli is a craft brewery focused on brewing the best beers across our entire portfolio.  Our heritage allows us to stake claim to lagers, but our team is constantly seeking new innovations to bring to our customers.  We do not take short cuts or source raw materials by price.  We stand by our products and take enormous pride in what we do every day. Below are a few of our year round offerings.  Check back in for seasonals and limited releases.  


Our first flagship beer, Helles Lager is what started it all. Its rich golden-hued appearance marks it as a true tribute to the first German style of lager. It’s easy drinking and perfect for sunny weather afternoon parties with your friends, or for watching your favorite team.

5.1 ABV  |  19 IBU

Bo Girl

Our Bohemian Girl brand is a tribute to that same spirit of wanderlust and appreciation for nature that brings us all to the Rocky Mountains. To recreate this classic Denver brand, we combined Premium Pilsner and Rye Malt with generous portions of Czech Saaz hops. The end result is a light-bodied, dry, crisp golden lager with an aroma reminiscent of freshly baked bread and floral finish.

4.5 ABV  |  30 IBU

Mountain Squeeze IPA

Bursting with more juice-tastic flavors than even the Rockies can contain, our juicy IPA is sure to satisfy! We brew it with five different hops, allowing you to savor tastes of champagne mango, succulent honeydew, pineapple, under-ripe peach, and just a touch of orange zest. Mountain Squeeze is bright and made to enjoy in the heat of summer, the cold of winter, and every season in between. 

6 ABV  |  30 IBU


 We start with our traditional German Hefeweizen recipe and put a modern twist on it, making a lighter and drier version, with the aroma of sweet spices, very low bitterness and a clean and refreshing finish. Perfect for when you’re grilling and relaxing with friends.

5 ABV  |  15 IBU

Sour IPA

Using kettle-souring techniques and hop additions of Amarillo, Styrian Cardinal, and Hellertau Blanc, we produced a complex yet balanced beer.  Zipline Sour IPA delivers both a pleasant tartness and an abundance of tropical fruit flavors.  Take a sip to feel the zip.

Hazy In Love

This beer is hazy, but our love for it isn't.  Featuring Sultana, Falconer's Flight, and Huell Melon hops, this IPA delivers notes of citrus, honeydew, and tropical fruit.  Fall crazy in love with our Hazy in Love. 

Get Stuffed
Holiday Ale

Tis the season...for drinking.  Get after it with our Holiday Ale! Stuffed to the brim with Cranberry, Orange, and Clove, this beer pairs with any festivity.  Get stuffed features a malty backbone that stands up to bold flavors and a clean finish.  Get stuffed and stay stuffed!

Cherry Pie

This Imperial Lager tastes so good it brings a tear to your eye!  To craft Cherry Pie, we lager Pilsner malt, pack in 2,400lbs of locally grown tart Montmorency cherries and then add subtle hints of cinnamon and brown sugar.  Our unique flavor combination provides an excellent changeup for cold weather sipping!